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Marble Raven

Abalone Dragonfly

Marble Horse

Raven Cluster

Picasso Bobcat

Picasso Badger

New Hickoryite Wolf

Turquoise Eagles 
By Derrick

Fox by
Andres Quandelacy

Standing Bear By 
Andres Quandelacy

Abalone Shell Horses

White Alabaster 

New Black Marble

NEW Fighting 
Donovan Laiwakete's
Double Beavers

Coral Maiden/Bear 

Pipstone Corn Maiden 

New Jewelry

Zuni Petit Point Set
 Squash Blossom Set
   Opal Inlay Set
Multi Stone Inlay
 Lapis Inlay Set
Lapis Cuff 
Lapis Concho Bracelet
Naja Earrings

Multi Stone Earrings
Inlay Studs
Boulder TQ Earrings

Long Feather Earrings

Feather Earrings
Dragonfly Lapis Earrings

Multi Stone Earrings 
White Buffalo Necklace
Ervin Tsosie Necklace

   Lapis Necklace

Gaspeite Necklace
Royston Squash Blossom
Dragonfly Inlay Pendant 

Calvin Begay Pendant
Dry Creek Pendant

Dry Creek Pendant 

New BEADED Jewelry
Beaded Feather Clip
Orange Beaded Clip
Pink Beaded Clip 
 Peach Beaded Clip

Pink Double Clips 
Blue Double Clips

Light Blue Double Clips 

Pink Beaded Earrings 

Bead Lady Earrings 

Beaded Butterfly
Beaded Purple/Green
Blue Beaded Cuff

Acoma Wedding Vase 

    Mata Ortiz           

    Mata Ortiz Pot 

Navajo Buttefly Pot 
    Mata Ortiz Pot

   Santo Domino 

Bird Wedding Vase 

Lizard Wedding Vase 
Paulinie Romero Pot
Gerardo Mora Tena
    Small Ketsenih Pot
Medium Ketsenih Pot

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