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Bear by Stewart Quandelacy
Turtle by
 Joey Nastacio

Bear by
Ed Lementino

Bear by
Kennny Chavez

Bear by
Fabian Tsethlikai

Seal by
Fabian Tsethlikai

Malachite Maiden
By Chad Quandelacy

Sugilite Maiden
By Chad Quandelacy 

Turquoise Maiden
By Chad Quandelacy

Sunface Maiden
By Chad Quandelacy

Lepidolite Maiden
By Chad Quandelacy

Pearl Maiden
By Daisy Natewa
 Onyx Coyote by 
   Jonas Hustito
  White Coyote by
Stewart Quandelacy
  Dolomite Bear by
  Lunasee & Quam
 Black Marble Snake
    by Chris Garcia

Otter by Colin Weeka

      Turtle by
    Clissa Martin
    Moutain Lion
by Fabian Tsethlikai
Bear by Claudia Peina
  Taguwa Nut Bear
       Chris Peina
        Bear by
Derrick Kaanassee
  Bear by Eldred Quam

Directional Eagle by
Lavies and Daisy Natewa

Owl and Baby by
Derrick Kaamasee

   Jet Raven by 
Derrick Kaamasee

      Moose by
Andres Quandelacy
    Dolomite Fox
by Gordon Poncho
Bear by Emery Eriacho
White Sheep by
Tim Lementino

New Jewelry!

Silver Naja Necklace


Turquoise Santo Domingo


Coral Necklace by
   Emma Lincoln
   Lester Abeyta

  Kings Manassa
Turquoise Pendant 

Gaspeite Navajo
  Wild Horse Stone 
   Charoite Pendant
Rhodochrosite Pendant
   Sugilite Pendant

Apple Coral Pendant 

New Buffalo!
New Bears!
New Corn Maidens!

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