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Zuni Fetishes Direct specializes in the finest selection of authentic Zuni fetishes. All fetishes in this collection are crafted by Zuni artists and provided to you directly.

Zuni Fetishes Direct has two locations to serve you.  Our main store is located at 300 East Highway 66 Ave in Gallup, New Mexcio.  We also have a location in Boulder, Colorado at 1424 Pearl Street, in the Pearl Street Mall. 

Zuni Fetishes Direct has been buying and selling fetishes since 1991 and our family has been in this business since 1975.



CONTACT NUMBERS: Call 877-610-3800 (toll free) or 505-726-2430 (Gallup, NM) or 303-443-9575 (Boulder, CO) 

or email sales@zunifetishesdirect.com



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             NEW FETISHES

Hudson Sandy 

Stewart Quandelacy 



Destry Siutza




Ruben Najera



Wilfred Cheama


Jayne Quam - SOLD


Andres Quandelacy


Travis Lasiloo

Clissa Martin - SOLD

Clissa Martin - SOLD

Chad Quandelacy


Ernie Mackel




Sarah Leekya


Sarah Leekya

Herbert Him



        Recently Added Carvings

Claudia Peina


Calvert Bowannie


Stewart Quandelacy 


Derrick Kaamasee

Ben Kallestewa


Emery Boone



 New Jewelry

   Opal Inlay Set
 Lapis Inlay Set
Lapis Concho Bracelet



Ervin Tsosie Necklace

Calvin Begay Pendant



Lizards and Deer Pot 

   Santo Domino 

Bird Wedding Vase 

Lizard Wedding Vase 

Gerardo Mora Tena

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