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Six Directional Set By Fitz Kiyite #FK103


Artist: Fitz Kiyite                  FREE USA SHIPPING!

Tribe: Zuni

Material: Picasso Marble, Pipestone, Jet,  Onyx, Mother of Pearl, Fishrock  Serpentine, Sinew, Amber, Abalone Shell

Measurements: Please See Pictures :)

~Six Directional Animals~

The Six Directional Animals are said to carry with them for all eternity our life's blood. Our blood and their blood are one. It is through them that the great spirit hears our prayers. It is through them that we are taught to use our natural powers that allow us to endure pain, and the powers that inspire us in walking the Good Red Road of life if oneness with Mother Earth.

EAST ➳ Wolf


SOUTH ➳ Badger


WEST ➳ Black Bear


NORTH ➳ Mountain Lion


SKY ➳ Eagle



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